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Megic RPG

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Hey! This is the Megic World RPG. It's based of a book I wrote that has to do with Magic and stuff. If you want to join come ahead. Though you really have to want to though.
Setting - Different wolrld in dimension next to earth. The magical land of Megic. Present day.
Getting a character - To start playing the game, Email me, or IM me and I'll give you a list of the present characters that are available. If you would like to make an oringinal character you must ask me.

If you have any questions please contact me, and I assure you more info. will be availible on THIS page soon.

Any Questions Contact your Moderators -
chris_korlin OR fleagle
World Info.
It will take place in the Magical World Megic, in the Magical Field. There are small cottages scattered throughout the field and a large castle at the other end. The entire field is probably only a mile, with a river, flowers, and there are Willow trees here and there. The land is a high raised island, that is a plateau out of the water and is about a half a mile high.

Note - There ARE demons in this world.
Note - Once you are a wizard/witch you have somewhat super strength.