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OOC [Jan. 9th, 2004|10:46 pm]


OOC (Out Of Character)

Right now the game has not begun. Once we get at least three characters the game can start and evolve. Trust me we can do anything. But, when we start we are just going to be entering the Magical world through a portal that Chris's Grandmother shows everyone that’s in Earth (Lucy, Mary, Chris, Gracie and Violet).
It will take place in the Magical World Megic, in the Magical Field. There are small cottages scattered throughout the field and a large castle at the other end. The entire field is probably only a mile, with a river, flowers, and there are Willow trees here and there. The land is a high raised island, that is a plateau out of the water and is about a half a mile high.

Note - There ARE demons in this world.
Note - Once you are a wizard/witch you have somewhat super strength.

Any further questions ask me.